Thursday, June 30, 2011

Corruption Watch: What would it cost to buy Congress back and end corruption?

Charles Hugh Smith at Of Two Minds asks, How Much Would It Cost To Buy Congress Back From Special Interests?

He does the numbers and and estimates about 14 billion, with the president thrown in (veto power, you know).
When you think about how tiny $14 billion is compared to the $3.8 trillion Federal budget and the $14.5 trillion U.S. economy, it makes you want to weep; how cheaply we have sold our government, and how much we suffer under the whip of those who bought it for a pittance.

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Райчо Марков said...

Agree, all political elections should be publicly financed somehow. Different political ideas should have equal chance to reach the voters.
It should be like a car race where each pilot uses the same brand car and engine and only skills and/or probably a little luck will define the winner.