Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Euro MP Farage: "What is Plan 'B' For the Eurozone?"

Recent video from the RT of British MEP Nigel Farage on the current situation in the Eurozone. Evidence that at least some politicians in Europe have an independent, skeptical and objective view of the current situation and are asking some important questions.


Anonymous said...

There are two directions Europe can go here: toward eventual dissolution of all or most of the Euro zone, or toward a more powerful center with the ability to administer a real EU-wide fiscal and monetary policy. The status quo is broken and doesn't work. If the pro-Europe side doesn't get serious about moving toward the second option, they will be outmaneuvered by conservative Euro-critics like Farage who are only too eager to exploit the crisis to destroy hopes of European unity.

googleheim said...

Not really .... I just heard some UK dude named ex PM Tony Blair say that the UK could still join the Euro !

Also, what about this - massive oil deflation again as they slam the price of the barrel and then raise interest rates ?

Would that make sense? Usually oil and U$D are inverted, so could this happen ?

Oil slams down while interest rates go up, then U$D goes up or down ?

Rates are freely set - so that is a matter of Fed/Tsy.

Oil can be manipulated as we well know by MS/GS wall street metrics.

Then the U$D is up for grabs in the currency markets.

Will it be a safe haven again or something to ditch ?

Tom Hickey said...

Generally speaking, the USD is a risk-off and speculative vehicles risk-on. Most hedges involving the dollar work this way. Will that change? I doubt it, although there are always quirks that can spoil any trade.