Thursday, June 2, 2011

Michael Hudson on the European class war

Michael Hudson comes out swinging in his latest article:

an excerpt: "One almost can say that the ideal is to reduce parliaments to local puppet regimes serving the cosmopolitan financial class by using debt leverage to carve up what is left of the public domain that used to be called “the commons.” As such, we now are entering a post-medieval world of enclosures – an Enclosure Movement driven by financial law that overrides public and common law, against the common good".

Read the full article here.


Matt Franko said...

Orthodox Bishops are starting to come out on the side of the anti-austerity movement.

Article here.

I think there have been several popular Greek artists who also have come out against the austerity... the Greek protests may pick up more steam if the Greek govt fails to re-negotiate the deal and tries to implement even more austerity. And Spain is heating up...


Crake said...
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Matt Franko said...

PS Kevin,

What is that painting?


Tom Hickey said...

Crake, that was part of the statement of AQ about strategy, which bin Laden said was to bankrupt the US.

The objective of strategic military attackis to destroy the enemy's economy. It can also be accomplished with other "weapons," including financial. If you remember, Reagan's goal was to bankrupt the USSR through the arms race.

Hudson and Chomsky have been writing about this for some time, claiming it is fundamental to US neo-imperialism.

Crake said...


Thanks for the information. I have lightly read some of that information. I am pragmatic and open to it but I decided to delete my comment because I thought it might open some wounds.

Tom Hickey said...

BTW, this is internal as well as external in the US, too, with both political parties complicit.

David Sirota, Has America Become a Corporate Police State?

googleheim said...

The Greeks obviously are well versed in the art of Theatre ... they invented the Tragedy plays of course.

They are playing the part of the whiny macho brats and they get what they want.

This is how Germany and Greece work together to bluff the world and Obama. Each plays their part.

The Germans are still headed to Greece for vacation ...

meanwhile the Euro rises ( ? ) and all that.

Kevin Fathi said...

@Matt: the gruesome painting is called "The Triumph of Death" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Anonymous said...

That painting is usually associated with the Black Death in Europe, and is used to symbolize the terror of that period.

googleheim said...

Yes, the Germans will still go to Greece for vacation.

They are world travelers and not very trepid.

And when they are there, they will pick up a couple of ports, some yachts to fill them, an island or two, utilities to power them up and all that good stuff

WillORNG said...

@Matt Franko Rowan Williams is Anglican! ;)

@Tom Hickey I've been thinking it's taken them 60 odd years, mind you, it's the German Elite, not The People, just as it's the Greek/Irish/Portugues/Spanish elite whose egos are preventing the necessary default to make EuroBankers pay for their profligate loans/lending