Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad News for Nuclear Power

Well-known physicist Michio Kaku just confirmed all of the above in a CNN interview:
In the last two weeks, everything we knew about that accident has been turned upside down. We were told three partial melt downs, don’t worry about it. Now we know it was 100 percent core melt in all three reactors. Radiation minimal that was released. Now we know it was comparable to radiation at Chernobyl.
We knew it was much more severe than they were saying, because radiation was coming out left and right. So in other words, they lied to us.
In New York City, you can actually see it in the milk. You can actually see it has iodine, 131, actually spiked a little bit in our milk in New York City, but it is very small.

Meanwhile, Germany has announced intentions to phase out nuclear power over 11 years.

Almost three-quarters of Japanese favor nuclear phase-out.

MMT holds that the only actual economic constraint is real resource availability. Nuclear energy has been expected to be a principle contributor to future energy resources with the projected phase-out of carbon-based fuels.


Matt Franko said...

Good post Tom,

GOOG, How does it get in the milk?


googleheim said...

NASA images of generalized air drafts migrating over the pacific generally were used before to implicate China's pollution ( and asia all together ) coming to the USA. You can see pollution from China migrating over the ocean. That was 10 years ago, now I bet there is more exported.

So when and if radiation is blown up into the air it migrates over the USA and gets into water and grass. Cows consume it right ?

No,probably more like lead poisoning. Home inspectors might tell you that your children will not get lead if they don't chew the wall ?

Foreclosure vulture, Del Walmsley of Biz Radio past, made a comment that you only get lead poisoning if you chew on the wall.

However, 95% of all lead poisoning is breathed in.

So I bet that 95% of all of the Iodine 131 was simply breathed in by the cows.

I bet that it is heavy enough to float low like Radon.

Cow milk has 2% RDA of Iodine.

Pickens plan anyone ?

googleheim said...

IF Anyone can recall ... eerily back in WWII, the Japanese sent air balloons to the USA with altitude sensitive explosives.

They made it to America, and some did some damage to property and endangered lives.

If a balloon can make it here from Japan, then the radioactive dust can too.

Matt Franko said...

Goog, Thanks...

Matt Franko said...

Thought some more aboout this; milk is probably the fastest food product to hit the supermarket as far as the time it takes for the livestock to take in nutrients till it is milked and sent to the refrigerated section of the food stores.

So if one was going to investigate if contamination had made it to the human part of the food chain, fresh milk would probably be the best place to look for the first evidence....

googleheim said...

What about women's milk ?

That would be more direct way to bring home the roost of the roast ...

Crake said...

Questions on contamination: Would it be in the air we breath or do you hypothesize that it is heavy and only ground surface level? If so, how did it blow over the ocean if so heavy it is only near ground surface? Also, besides sea plants near Japan, is there any risk to it entering plant based food? I am trying to gauge what risk I am to it coming to US.