Friday, June 10, 2011

Jeffrey Gundlach tells his story

Gundlach tells his story of how he got from being a drummer in a Hollywood rock band to becoming the world's hottest bond manager. There's a movie script in here.

And on the side, Jeff shares some insights into markets, the economy, and where he sees things going.


Anonymous said...

He is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Anonymous said...

Money4, he's only the best bond manager in the country. Undoubtedly you are far sharper than Jeff.

mike norman said...


Brains and trading ability are two different skills. I spent years on four trading floors and saw guys clean up big-time, but they could barely read. So you can hold onto your snarky comments. Thanks.

This guy makes some ridiculous statements, like "economy needs to thread the needle." What the hell is that? He's talking his position. He's saying cut gov't spending (maintain deflationary forces) and keep interest rates at zero. He is HUGE long Treasuries. That's obviously what he wants to have happen.

Tom Hickey said...

Mike, ever met a trader that didn't talk his book? It goes with the territory. :)

Moreover, people like Gundlach and Gross have to talk their book because what they say can move markets, and they don't want to put themselves in the wrong side. Not talking your book in their case could be shooting yourself in the head.

And as far as dumbbells doing well, it is not restricted to trading. Happens all the time in many fields. Just look at economics and politics.

Crake said...

He has a PhD in mathematics. He considers himself autistic with a tendency to delve into things deeply and clearly is one who moves to the beat of his own drum. That sounds like an easy convert for MMT. If so, with the attention he receives as the “King of Bonds” and managing so much money, he would help get MMT more mainstream. Warren Mosler or someone should reach out to him.

mike norman said...

I'm afraid that is comment, "the government NEEDS to freeze spending" suggests a predisposition toward a particular belief. He could have said "the government IS freezing spending (non-judgemental). That would have made me more optimistic.