Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adam Gabbatt — Canada student protests erupt into political crisis with mass arrests

Protests that began in opposition to tuition fees in Canada have exploded into a political crisis with the mass arrest of hundreds of demonstrators amid a backlash against draconian emergency laws.

More than 500 people were arrested in a demonstration in Montreal on Wednesday night as protesters defied a controversial new law – Bill 78 – that places restrictions on the right to demonstrate. In Quebec City, police arrested 176 people under the provisions of the new law.

Demonstrators have been gathering in Montreal for just over 100 days to oppose tuition increases by the Quebec provincial government. On Tuesday, about 100 people were arrested after organisers say 300,000 people took the streets.

But what began as a protest against university fee increases has expanded to a wider movement to oppose Bill 78, which was rushed through by legislators in Quebec in response to the demonstrations. The bill imposes severe restrictions on protests, making it illegal for protesters to gather without having given police eight hours’ notice and securing a permit.
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 Canada student protests erupt into political crisis with mass arrests
Adam Gabbatt | The Guardian (UK)


Trixie said...

Et tu, Canadus?

Matt Franko said...

They probably dont want these protests to interfere with the summer tourist season in Montreal...

y said...

Hey Tom, do you know of any MMT texts that describe the theory in terms of the UK system? It seems to work a bit differently. (Libor, Bank Rate etc)

Tom Hickey said...

@ y

No. Maybe someone else can help. Neil Wilson there?