Friday, May 25, 2012

Common Sense is now "Bold New Thinking!"

Why Building Community Wealth is a Key Challenge to Corporate Power

something new has exploded in America’s communities; “community wealth building”

So far so good.  Hope we can get over the surprise at such "boldness," and get back to viewing it as the obvious minimum?  The perennial springboard for exploring, not burying options?

Asking honeypots for grants of fiat currency?  Get real!  There's ALWAYS more where that came from.  Just grant some to ourselves.   Declare our own prizes.  Create our own jobs, and maybe even vote for our own representatives!!!  Why not just OpenSource everything, and re-distribute aggregate power?

In preparation, how about changing K-12 curricula, to incorporate 3 springboard themes?

1) Aggregate success tracks the quality and pace of distributed decision-making?

2) Aggregates generate pace simply by the act of distributing decision-making.

3) Highest aggregate return is always the return-on-coordination?

I mean, with those foundations in place, everything else - certainly macroeconomics & fiscal policy - are just incidental details.  In fact, politics itself would be just another Automatic Stabilizer, only reduced to a mobile app.

With that kind of effort in place, maybe we wouldn't churn out so many economists & bankers more interested in self & math than in welfare of the people and national capabilities.

ps:  Despite trying to sound politically correct, "exploding" might give DHS the idea that community wealth is dangerous, and even associated with terrorism.   Listen for the faint sounds of drones hovering.

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Matt Franko said...

"more interested in ..... math"

They may be interested in it but they are certainly not "getting it"! ;)