Friday, May 25, 2012

With Truth Trickling Down, can MMT be Klept Off the Table?

TPTB & their SDIs would be, ... o ... cracy not to allow some operational improvement?

Yet there are some obvious warning signs.

Sadly Barack Obama, like Mitt Romney, is an apologist for the 1%

Well, they're called called "Bud" & "Bud Worse" for a reason, but they ARE easily marketed & efficiently distributed.

Rather than our Gov taking over GM, I suspect it's the inverse that may have occurred.  Politics today seems eerily reminiscent of GM's old marketing plan, i.e., offer a politician for every consumer segment, all based on the same, underlying platform.  What if you mismanage it so badly that there are only 2 segments left?  No problem!  Just downsize the whole operation.  Above all else, never change anything!  It's not like the consumer electorate has any choice.  Right?  Why, we OWN 'em.  No chance of being unseated!  That's the beauty of MKT (modern kleptocratic theory).  Oh, to have such parasites in the middle of our markets!

Our current duo even have oppositely audacious, meaningless slogans.

"Hope's faint."  ...........................................  "Less fulfilling."

It's a play right out of that famous book on the "Mythical Man Vote" ...

In politocracy, every available option has an intractable impediment, and that impediment will always involve another layer of operational obfuscation.  

So, put Ralph Nader & the Onion in charge of peeling back some layers?   The keys to 99% of our lost Output must be hiding SOMEWHERE.  But where?   

If you feel a trickle, down in the small of your Swiss bank account, no matter how small, be sure to tell someone, before it's too late.   A few political Novas can stall even the most carefully-engineered auto-obsolescence program.  Once that occurs, even the compadres won't support you.  Never let your own political vehicle go up in flames.  It's bad PR.

And remember, bold is not to die for, no matter whom you think you're voting for.

"Americans don't let Americans die bold."


Anonymous said...

um, WTF?

Matt Franko said...

"Nova" in Spanish means "does not go" I believe!

;) Roger

Leverage said...

"No va" would be translated as "Does not run/go/function". :P

Matt Franko said...

Our policymakers are driving a 'Nova'!


Roger Erickson said...

What, the anonymi never heard of a voting machine?

No wonder full democracy remains anonymous.

Unforgiven said...

Lobbyists are driving our policymakers. Kind of reminds me of Master/Blaster. A cunning runt driving a huge, stupid, dangerous beast.