Friday, May 25, 2012

Can sink no lower. Congress becoming worse than a joke?

"Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) is seeing his foreign policy credentials come under fire after calling for Middle East peace negotiations between deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a coma since 2006."

Let's think this through.  Maybe Congress would be ok, if no mouth was opened? Heck, why not call for direct talks between Buddha & Confucius?  Send a polite letter through an appropriate medium, then patiently wait for a reply from beyond a distant shore?

On the other hand, sending a brain-dead guy to a peace negotiation has become rather standard, after all.  (If a peace ever DID break out, would Cheney fume in defense to his followers that "no one could have predicted this" - then shoot another lawyer, just to send a stronger message?)

[I can imagine a whole Onion show based on that discussion.  "In a House/Senate negotiating committee, Rep. Joe Pitts, (R-Pa.) suggests re-introducing Dick Cheney to his former heart.  16 GOP Senators swallow own feet in outrage, call for 24-Hr Heimlich coverage for all Congresspeople, as a national security measure.  Secret Service says they can meld it into their existing escort service."]

Just send our mental ward to talk with your mental ward? With help from the Traveling Nurse's Association?

Perhaps anything would be a break from the current rhetorical exchanges of foots & mouths.

Is an epidemic breaking out in Congress? Better hoof it down there & examine some gum lines for leather burns, before this gets any worse.

Or, blame it on the Chinese, and the shoe polish they send us.

Seriously folks, it's not fiat currency we're running out of.  Can we just arrange a negotiated compromise between Ben Franklin & Marriner Eccles?  Abe Lincoln too, so the GOP couldn't possibly complain.


paul meli said...

It has been said truth is stranger than fiction and this proves it.

Jonf said...

What? You saying Arafat is still refusing to negotiate? Just a terrorist, I think. Time to move on.

mike norman said...

But NOTHING beats this.

SchittReport said...

can i invite mao tsetung to the table please?

Jonf said...

WTF Mike?. Tip over? Well I was ascared it was,going to sink.

Anonymous said...

I think Saddam is pulling the strings with Arafat.

Ryan Harris said...

How on earth did these guys get elected?

Real life Forrest Gump goes to washington.