Thursday, May 31, 2012

First, Know Thyself.

In that honorable tradition, Rodger Mitchell helps a floundering GOP, by holding up a mirror for them, and pulling off the fig leaf that's baffling them.  We can laugh at his accuracy, but this is serious stuff.

The Republican party has become a mouthpiece for four extremist groups, none of which care a fig about the health, happiness or financial welfare of the American people:

Group #1. The pious (but definitely not “religious”), gun-loving right wing, that hates women so much, it doesn’t even want birthprevention, much less stem cell research to save lives or even a life-saving abortion life. And don’t get them started on gays.

Group #2. The Tea Party that wants to cut social benefits, under the masquerade of being against “big government.”

Group #3. The upper 1% income group, that sneers at the 99%, but needs their votes.

Group #4. The “defeat Obama no matter what” group that almost has forgotten why it hates him, but really, really does.

Combine all this crazy extremism, and you have a truly erratic situation. For instance, what does a wealthy Catholic woman do when she doesn’t want to get pregnant? Ah, problems, problems.

An even greater problem, what does the 1% party do when it needs to attract votes from the very people it despises? Well, first it spends millions of dollars and four years of trying everything possible to destroy the economy, hoping the 99% will blame the President. That worked, for a while.

But heaven forbid, if despite all their machinations, the economy begins to recover . . . well, if you can’t beat ‘em, you have to join ‘em, i.e., the Romney mantra. So what you were against, you now are for — more than just for, you actually created.

More at the link - where the commentary only gets better.

With apologies to another great poet, here's what came to my mind:  

"I met a voter from a forgotten republic
Who said: Vast and empty principles
Stand hollowed from a Constitution. In near history,
head buried in the sand, a shattered lineage lies, whose honor,
And shriveled morals, and sneer of cold NeoCons,
Tell that its Roving sculptor well paranoia read
Which yet survive, stamped on these small intellects,
The honor that mocked them and the courage that once fed:
And on the Constitution these words appear:
"My name is GOP, party of Lincoln:
Look on my past works, ye honest, and yet despair anew!"
None of legacy remains. Round the decay
Within that colossal wreck, mindless and bare
Logicless ideology stretches far away."

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Jonf said...

"Logicless ideology stretches far away."
Yes, that about says it. Far too many of us knell in that church to pray it seems. But for as many on this side of the aisle there is an equal number plotting on the other to stalemate.