Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clayton M. Christensen — How Will You Measure Your Life?

Editor’s Note: When the members of the class of 2010 entered business school, the economy was strong and their post-graduation ambitions could be limitless. Just a few weeks later, the economy went into a tailspin. They’ve spent the past two years recalibrating their worldview and their definition of success.
The students seem highly aware of how the world has changed (as the sampling of views in this article shows). In the spring, Harvard Business School’s graduating class asked HBS professor Clay Christensen to address them—but not on how to apply his principles and thinking to their post-HBS careers. The students wanted to know how to apply them to their personal lives. He shared with them a set of guidelines that have helped him find meaning in his own life. Though Christensen’s thinking comes from his deep religious faith, we believe that these are strategies anyone can use.
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How Will You Measure Your Life?
by Clayton M. Christensen

Essential advice. The author is a devout Christian committed to living the principles of his faith as he appreciates them. Regardless of one's faith or affiliation, everyone needs to recognize the driving force behind one's life and follow it fully all the time in order to be successful as a human being, which is the only success that actually matters in the final analysis. Compromising one's principles is the sure road to ruin as a person.

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