Friday, November 23, 2012

Ari Berman — The GOP's Voter Suppression Strategy

A free and fair election process is a sine qua non of liberal democracy. The US is the only developed nation where the voting process is administered and controlled by interested politicians.

Voting must not only actually be free and fair but it must also be perceived as such. Electronic voting with no paper trail does not pass the smell test, even if everything is on the up and up. (How would we know that?)

The Nation
The GOP's Voter Suppression Strategy
Ari Berman

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beowulf said...

Congress should adopt Washington State's election system lock, stock and barrel (it can set election rules for federal elections--- House, Senate, Presidency):
Nonpartisan top two primaries
Postal voting (everyone votes by absentee ballot).

Hell, the Postal Service is sort of underemployed as it is, Congress could task it to register voters and administer federal elections (allowing states to opt in for state/local races if they so choose).