Monday, November 26, 2012

Michael Hudson — Fiscal Cliff: An Artificial Crisis

Fiscal Cliff: An Artificial Crisis
Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson | Visiting Professor, UMKC


mike norman said...

But when he says, "The Federal Reserve just creates the money," it just plays into the arguments of all these nutjobs who say the Fed is the big enabler, etc.

Matt Franko said...

Right Mike, Implies the "QE" is involved or something (which I had a conversation ... instead of focusing on pure deficit spending by the govt sector.

I dont think Hudson truly "gets the math" of all of this... which is key to discerning the truth in all of this.

Like to wipe out the Cholera, you had to avoid the tainted water COMPLETELY. Epidemiologists wouldnt say "you can only drink a small amount of the infected water"...