Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lars Schall interviews Chris Cook

The internationally acknowledged energy consultant Chris Cook addresses in this exclusive interview the new IEA report; the pre-dominant factors in the oil market; his version of a commodity-based currency; why an attack on Iran is rather unlikely; and the consequence of a rising oil price for gold.
THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW – November 2012: Chris Cook
“The Petrodollar is Either Dead or Dying”
Lars Schall interviews Chris Cook

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David said...

L.S.: Is the struggle for de-centralised solutions one of the main struggles in the future per se?

C.C.: The cosmic irony is that not only will there be no struggle, but that in the financial markets at least the Turkeys are actively voting for Christmas, and the transition is well under way. The existing correlated bubbles in equities, commodities and other markets – funded by ‘muppets’ who have been mis-sold market risk – are the evidence.