Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peter Schiff...the PT Barnum of Economics

Peter Schiff...what more need I say?

Wrong on interest rates
Wrong on unflation
Wrong on US growth
Wrong on the dollar
Wrong on gold
Wrong on China
Wrong on US stocks
Wrong even on housing

And there's poor little Lauren Lyster of RT, trying so hard to save this fool and make him look smart. Keep trying, Lauren...keep trying.


miller B said...

didn't he "guarantee" hyper awhile back

Cris R said...

Segment one: the government is hiding the degree of current high inflation.
Segment two: retailers lured shoppers with massive discounts.

Wonder if Pete caught his own contradiction.

SchittReport said...

alternate versions:

peter schiff stumped like a chump when challenged on his hyperinflation call on capital account:


peter schiff's lame explanation as to why his usd collapse call has failed miserably:


lauren lyster's roundhouse knockout on peter schiff - "how do you explain the yen then?":


SchittReport said...

bonus track with supporting data for mike's description:


7 out of 7 home runs again - bob roddis would be proud.

Matt Franko said...


"Wonder if Pete caught his own contradiction."

Excellent observation.

but negative tho, they cant discern contradiction. They always exhibit this failure...

This ability to discern contradiction, which is a basic characteristic of intelligence, is something that they all have lost... leads then to hypocrisy too... amazing.


JK said...


Why is that a contradiction?

One is a macro trend, the other is a micro event.