Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Mike Norman Economics

I'll take the liberty to offer Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers on behalf of MNE.

Here are some links to some previous Thanksgiving themed posts from a couple of years back now.

Here and here.

Don't eat too much out there ;)


mike norman said...

Thanks Matt, I love you all for your dedication, hard work, conviction, honesty, humility...Matt, Tom, Roger...I love you all! Thank you for contributing to this blog. It wouldn't be the same withhout you guys!!!!

Tom Hickey said...

I feel the same about all of you and all out commentors, even our tormentors. (Everyone needs some tormentors to grow.)

David said...

You guys have created a great little blog here. It's quirky and fun and a bit mad. I appreciate what you're doing and I've learned a lot, even if I am a "hopeless semantic."

Tom Hickey said...

It's quirky and fun and a bit mad.

Great compliment. Thanks, David.