Thursday, November 29, 2012

Washington's Blog — Ayn Rand Was NOT a Libertarian

Many people assume that Ayn Rand was a champion of libertarian thought.
But Rand herself pilloried libertarians, condemning libertarianism as being a greater threat to freedom and capitalism than both modern liberalism and conservativism.
Washington's Blog
Ayn Rand Was NOT a Libertarian


Bob Roddis said...

On domestic policy, Rothbard and Rand hardly disagreed on anything. The major difference was that Rothbard wanted voluntary governance and Rand insisted upon a true monopoly government funded not by taxes, but by voluntary contributions.

Rand, being a spoiled brat screaming banshee, could not accept the slightest deviation from her beliefs. As an atheist, she was outraged that the agnostic Jewish Rothbard would not denounce his Presbyterian wife. The idea that Rothbard or libertarians stole her ideas is preposterous. The failure to follow her every word and whim is the source of her hysterical denunciations.

Jonf said...

She sounds like a peach, Bob.