Monday, November 26, 2012

New GOP Tactic: "We'll Abandon Payroll Taxes if You Abandon Social Security Benefits"

commentary by Roger Erickson

Aka, "we'll agree to throw out the initiative-freezing ice-bathwater .... but only if the baby goes with it!" Doh!

Is this progress, or an insidiously brilliant & evil plan?  Crazy like a genius idiot fox?  Shouldn't be news.  It's the socio path we've chosen.

Outcomes depend on how smart the American Public is. PT Barnum is watching.

The undeniably good news is that everything finally seems to be openly listed and on the table for the GOP. The bad news is that our targeted corpse is among those exhibits, for ulterior motives still not clear even to the determined perps! Only argument is which foot to shoot first, and they're willing to trade anything on "our" behalf, even all of us. Only Wall St. could screw a market that badly.

Kneecap and trade (body politic parts) anyone? The new GOP view of capitalism is to "free up underutilized assets" by amputating a leg. After all, two legs represent redundant assets.  Even Tom Jefferson would have to give them their due. Merchants have finally found a way to outsource even the land they stand upon. Yet why stop there? If they think they no long need a country, what makes 'em think they need planet Earth either? The solar system is, after all, Centrally Planned.

PT Barnum would say to forget about Arizona. "I have a bridge in Sun City to sell you. Deals so hot that owners can only take obsession after 30 million days ... or longer.  [ps: Don't be not left behind, if you know what's good for your country.  No one will be denied public credit!  Plus, I can earn frequent liar miles if you act within the next 30 minutes.]"


PeterP said...

Guys, gotta check out todays Krugman's NYT column. He went MMT!

paul meli said...

PeterP, you beat me to it. Here's the link:

He also has targeted Pete Peterson as we MMT folks have been doing for like, forever.

paul meli said...

BTW, don't expect Krugman to ever agree with MMT would be career suicide for him. It appears he is in agreement in principle.

PeterP said...


He gets half of MMT. His ideas on banking/endogenous money and loanable funds are still defunct.