Monday, November 26, 2012

Statute of Monopolies: so Royalty Invented Royalties!

commentary by Roger Erickson

Why am I not surprised?

The whole concept of Royalty is simply taking tribal temporary leadership posts and inventing excuses for making them permanent and, later on, hereditary. Just another bad idea that took on it's own momentum. It's truly amazing how long it takes for group intelligence to ponder the obvious. What part of this wasn't obvious from the beginning? It's all a result of effective marketing - 1700 years of propaganda - all started by some conniving Pope selling desperate ideas to Attila the Hun and later tribal war chiefs.   Today, similar people still claim they're doing God's work, and banking on it.

Now if we can just break curbs on extending facile understanding of currency operations. Another set of Control Frauds would see their functional monopoly broken.

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