Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Steve Keen — Cambridge Monetary Macroeconomics

Keen 2012 Cambridge Monetary Macroeconomics
Steve Keen

My talk to the Heterodox Economics Students at Cambridge University on November 28th 2012 on the necessity of a strictly monetary approach to macroeconomics.


Ramanan said...

Oh God!

What next?

Cambridge Monetary Physics?

Force is not mass times acceleration. Force is mass times acceleration plus change in debt???

Whatever Keen says about and his quotes about Minsky, Schumpeter and Keynes are all right by themselves.

Keen simply uses them wrongly.

RDMKR said...

@Ramanan, are your complaints of an entirely formal nature of do they have implications on the story of how unproductive debt builds up and causes the formation of asset bubbles?

Unknown said...

Ram, was any conclusion reached in your argument with Grasselli?