Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is This What Pending Revolution Feels Like? A Transition, to Communicating Only With Those Not in Power?

commentary by Roger Erickson

How are we supposed to understand this?

"... the CBI calls on the Chancellor to stick to his austerity plans at the same time as firing up the lacklustre economy."

Same thing here in the USA. Orthodox economics has adopted Catch-22.

To sanely plan any investment in self or country, you have to quit reading the news?

Don't even bother communicating with the people in power, because they don't make any sense whatsoever, and are officially insane?

There are always some old fuddy duddies to ignore, but I don't recall the entire government being simultaneously insane, at least not in my lifetime. No idea about internationally coordinated insanity, but it's obviously not just a historical oddity.

Is this a bit what if felt like living under the Bolsheviks, or in 1929? General Butler was right, yet the short-term rackets continue to expand beyond just military adventurism, and always at the colossal expense of foregoing long-term growth. We could have been a great nation! Why squander public initiative by doing nothing, by practicing austerity?  It seems almost Neanderthal in scope, and brings one back to the implications of the Austerian Toolkit.

This is worse than "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

Now we have, "Keep a firm hold on our collar, to make sure the beatings get us moving."

Brings new meaning to the term "White Collar Crime."

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