Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mike Lofgren — Blaming ‘Too Much Democracy’ for Trump

The latest lament of the neocon establishment is that America is suffering from too much democracy – leading to Donald Trump – but the opposite is more to the point, how elite manipulation set this stage, explains Mike Lofgren.…
British expatriate writer Andrew Sullivan recently returned to the public eye with a piece that has aroused considerable comment, some of it reasonably on point, and some bloviatingly incoherent.
What is all the fuss about? Sullivan, in critiquing the Donald Trump phenomenon and the political factors that gave rise to it, makes a few good points, but buries them under a ridiculous premise: The culprit responsible for Trump is too much democracy, and the cure is more elite control of the political process.…
The basis of conservatism is that some are better than others and ought therefore to rule over all. Conservatives are opposed to actual democracy and what they call "democracy" is some type of oligarchy, at present plutocracy and old boy networks.

Blaming democracy is actually rather funny since there is a deficit in actual democracy in the US.

Worth reading the whole piece. Mike Lofgren is a gifted writer in addition to being experienced in US insider politics as a veteran congressional staffer (GOP).

Consortium News
Blaming ‘Too Much Democracy’ for Trump
Mike Lofgren

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Ryan Harris said...

It is interesting to hear two-party insider elites perception of Trump and Sanders. They openly talk about them as if they were joke candidates that were never supposed to be elected or go as far as they have, they lament over the fact that they didn't put an end to madness much sooner. They are truly horrified, at a loss to understand why most people would chose them over their enlightened, carefully selected candidates.