Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sputnik — 'Risks of a US-China Conflagration in the Pacific Quite High'

Commenting on growing US-Chinese tensions in the South China Sea region, and Beijing's announcement that it would deploy nuclear-armed subs to the Pacific in response to US missile defenses in South Korea, University of Maryland professor John Short warned that the risks of a military confrontation between the two powers are 'quite high'.
'Risks of a US-China Conflagration in the Pacific Quite High'


Ryan Harris said...

Russia is probably a bit irritated at the close technological cooperation and investment between US companies and Chinese State owned national champion oil companies. Putler wanted to present the image of a China Russia BFFs aligned against "The West."

As usual, China foreign policy is more opportunistic.

US policy is driven by corporate profit and selling tech. The academic revolving door in government favors selling technology, education rather than real goods and resources and companies have adapted to that gov pol. We have to watch out for academic over reach on hegemony because they have a strong interest in casting the widest possible net for rent collection to minimizes free ridership on their ideas.

Tom Hickey said...

SouthFront May 24