Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tyler Cowen — What the hell is going on?

Donald Trump may get the nuclear suitcase, a cranky “park bench” socialist took Hillary Clinton to the wire, many countries are becoming less free, and the neo-Nazi party came very close to assuming power in Austria. I could list more such events.
Haven’t you, like I, wondered what is up? What the hell is going on?
I don’t know, but let me tell you my (highly uncertain) default hypothesis. I don’t see decisive evidence for it, but it is a kind of “first blast” attempt to fit the basic facts while remaining within the realm of reason.…
Marginal Revolution
What the hell is going on?
Tyler Cowen | Holbert C. Harris Chair of Economics at George Mason University and serves as chairman and general director of the Mercatus Center


Ryan Harris said...

How does promoting jobs that benefit male employment increase sexism or his other outlandish conflated claims. Cowen's Neoclassical Chicago nonsense is the reason we are getting a political revolution. It's great that women have increased their rates of employment and incomes, it needs to continue, however that is not an excuse for reducing male employment. Everyone that wants to work, should have employment, regardless of their genitals, gender identity, political beliefs, religion, or academic aspirations whatever inspires the vitriol of academics now, this guy lives in the Reagan era, what a dinosaur.

Ridiculous to imply that allowing men to work, somehow brings back the 1950s attitudes. Not allowing men to work have brought about the political backlash. These guys in orthodoxy just need to go, they are the reason we have poor governance.

Schofield said...

Of course one could equally well argue that it's the absence of shared intentionality "frozen" out or "calcified" by the Medusa Syndrome inherent in the mind-set of Neo-Liberalism/Neo-Conservatism:-

Peter Pan said...

Typical identity politics "analysis".

Nebris said...

cranky “park bench” socialist my ass. For every single mistake the US has made in the last thirty years, you can literally find a video of Bernie telling us not to do it, often from the floor of the House or the Senate.