Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Deficit is too small? Consumer spending rose most in six years.

Consumer spending rose 1 percent last month after a flat reading in March, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday. Incomes were up a solid 0.4 percent, matching the March gain. Wages and salaries, the most important component of incomes, gained 0.5 percent.

Where are the "deficit is too small" people? When will they admit that they are wrong? Do you keep on saying, for years, that there's going to be a recession? How is that useful?

We have had it correct the entire time with our analysis of flows. I use flows almost exclusively in my MMT Trader report.

It's all about flows. You don't even know what the deficit is going to be until the government spends first. You don't even know how much total taxes will be paid.

It's flows.

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