Sunday, May 29, 2016

Peter Dorman — Fascism: The View from Within

What’s necessary is to see fascism from the inside. Why might people support an authoritarian, chauvinist ruler who attacks minorities and foreigners?…
The proper way to determine the fascist threat from a right wing nationalist movement in the US or elsewhere is to ask (1) do they seek to impose the unity and rule of “the people” (their national or ethnic group) through suppression of minorities, dissent and foreigners? and if so (2) what repressive or violent actions will they need to take to carry out such a program?
Fascism: The View from Within
Peter Dorman | Professor of Political Economy, The Evergreen State College

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Ryan Harris said...

This is a real winning issue for Dems and HRC, I think, and a big miscalculation by Trump. Record numbers of Latinos are registering to vote against Trump and they seem very motivated to turn out. I think Trump was counting on the continual images on the screens of violent anti-Trump protesters, screaming , hurling things, punching, pepper spraying, attacking police to undermine the narrative about hard working immigrants. I don't think it's a good strategy, Whites don't generally care about Latin American immigration policy when they get to the voting booth. I've received so many emails in the last month from HRC, Dem Party and aligned PACS trying to organize protests, voter registration and bring Latino voters into the Dem "community", I think its a brilliant strategy. If Trump wants to win, he needs to repair the damage and do something big to win back hearts that have been stomped with his crazy immigration policy. The only opening I see that could work to save the Trump candidacy, in the south at least is pro-small-business and some concrete immigration plan that could pass congress, practical things like Drivers licenses, Travel Visas to go home and come back, and temporary work permits. It would help and could be defended to the midwest white voters as bringing order to the chaotic lawless policy that exists now. There is no way to win young liberal Latinos but there are lots of conservative small business people among Latinos that don't like Dem rhetoric on social issues, taxes, and other things that don't poll well with them.