Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Peregrin Wood on the Libertarian Party ticket

Looking at the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson-William Weld ticket.

Irregular Times
William Weld’s Past Involvement With Unity08 Brings Ethical Shadow To Libertarian Ticket

Gary Johnson Has Policies Just Like Trump’s On The Economy And Environment
Peregrin Wood


Ryan Harris said...

The alternative parties in the US aren't any more credible than China's. I wanted to like them.
I didn't even get as far as following Gary Johnson twitter because the more I read, the less I liked. I followed DrJillStein on twitter I sort of liked her at first but UNFOLLOWED a couple days later in digust, she is just a populist mainstream Dem.

Less military, not because peace, or shift in strategy, not because a waste of resources, but because she says, "the US is bankrupt economically and morally." What? She thinks Drones need to be more careful!!! Please.

Climate change politics is because Exxon lied not because climatalogy is fraught with bad science and terribly inaccurate predictions that need to be improved so we can get the trust of a majority in policy (Exxon's internal climate models were more accurate than IPCC or Gore's crazy predictions! But Exxon is lying for opposing the policies that accompany the inaccurate models)

She goes on about blaming Bush for Gores failure...it was forever ago, it was wrong, but the whole process was ridiculous. So she wants public funding of elections instead. Billion dollar elections that go on for years, with massive spending into the media but on the public dollar is her solution. I'm sorry DrJill but the whole system needs repaired to define what is and isn't corruption without so much grey area and the onus needs to on politicians to prove it isn't corruption when it looks suspicious, and they should recuse their leadership roles in committees and on votes when they've gotten themselves into a pickle. Does anyone really believe if the government funds elections, the politicians will stop allowing industry to write trade agreements, stop lobbyists from writing most legislation etc.

The greens are lipstick on a pig. I want more social programs, more liberty, more science, lower taxes on the poor and middle, a bias for small business because democracy and oligopolies can't co-exist.

TofuNFiatRGood4U said...


last paragraph: couldn't agree more. Greens in Australia keep floating tax ideas that will take dollars out of the poor and middle class. Absolute Pathetic Tossers who don't realise they have a golden opportunity to become the main party of the left--plutocratic dosh too luscious for the insiders to resist, probably.

Kaivey said...

We don't agree on much, apart for more taxes on the rich.