Tuesday, May 31, 2016

John Helmer — The Red Line Crossed, In The Cross-Hairs, At Trigger Point — Waiting For An October Surprise

Approaching the level of the Cuban missile crisis?

When Putin starts talking publicly about red lines being crossed and crosshairs, it gives pause, unfortunately not to the American and NATO leadership, it seems.

The Russian leadership doesn't threaten, it warns. If the warning is not heeded, then it acts.
First there was the red-line announcement. On Friday in Athens there was the cross-hairs statement. By the month of October, the month before the US presidential election, there will be the trigger point.

The US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies are going to war with Russia, accelerating the inevitability that Russia will strike in self-defence. This is what the first and second statements by President Vladimir Putin warn. There will be no statement of warning when the trigger point arrives.
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Peter Pan said...

In good news, Saint Peter is hiring extra help. Apply now!

Footsoldier said...

In the recent past huge sporting events have been used hide covert operations.

Be prepared for something to happen during the Euro soccer championships

Peter Pan said...

Peter Lavelle believes it will be a "Baltic incident". I question the need for additional conflict - the Cold War is off to a great start and Europe's leaders are along for the ride.

Ryan Harris said...

October would be a great time to have a geopolitical dust-up. Hillary's experience will shine for voters worried about a wily Trump.

Andrew Anderson said...

If the true purpose is to defend Europe from Iranian missile attack then let the Russians do it and give them the technology to do so if necessary.

Why not?

Salsabob said...

Tsar Putin will just have the boys shoot down another civilian jetliner of vacationers, blame it on the Poles or Romanians (wink-wink), and drive his poll numbers up with the domestic sheeple and get pats on the back from his apologists from afar.