Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Xinhua — China's 4G users exceeds 500 min

There are now more than 500 million 4G users in China thanks to government measures, a minister told a conference Tuesday.
China owns the world's largest 4G network with more than 2 million 4G base stations, Industry and Information Technology Minister Miao Wei told the First Global 5G Event in Beijing.…
China has formed a 5G R&D team to research and test the technology with a view to commercialize it by 2020.
500 million is way more people than the entire population of the US.

China's 4G users exceeds 500 min

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Ryan Harris said...

Americans redefined a souped-up 3G as 4G for marketing purposes. Our speeds are only a fraction of their true 4G and our plans probably cost 30x more. We call it American exceptionalism.