Thursday, January 5, 2017

David Ellerman — links to papers

This 2000 paper was written while I was a Senior Advisor to Joe Stiglitz, who was then Chief Economist of the World Bank. The paper attempts set forth systematically some of the knowledge questions that determine certain strategies for institutional change. These themes were later developed at more length in my 2005 book, Helping People Help Themselves, U. of Michigan Press.
David Ellerman
Knowledge and Institutional Change
From the early to the late 1990s, the World Bank adopted an ‘Official Policy’ of voucher privatization with investment funds in the post-socialist countries. I was one of the few overt dissenters inside the Bank. After Joe Stiglitz became the Chief Economist in 1997 and I became his Senior Advisor and speechwriter, then I was allowed to publish this paper as a research document of the Bank (although it had been circulating as samizdat for a few years). It has been cited many times as an early and representative critique of voucher privatization with investment funds.
Voucher Privatization with Investment Funds

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