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Gilbert Doctorow — Trump’s Remaking of US Foreign Policy

President-elect Trump is outlining a foreign policy that rejects the interventionist tenets of Washington’s neocon/liberal-hawk establishment and puts U.S.-Russia nuclear arms control at the top of his agenda, writes Gilbert Doctorow.
Positive assessment. Liberal interventionism and neocon democracy-spreading is over.

Consortium News
Trump’s Remaking of US Foreign Policy
Gilbert Doctorow | European Coordinator of The American Committee for East West Accord Ltd.

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So who are the opponents ranged behind the CIA, yelling encouragement through the ropes? The obvious culprits include the U.S. military-industrial complex, whose corporate bottom line relies on an era of unending war. As justification for extracting billions – even trillions – of dollars from American taxpayers, there was a need for frightening villains, such as Al Qaeda and even more so, the head choppers of ISIS. However, since the Russian intervention in Syria in 2015, those villains no longer packed as scary a punch, so a more enduring villain, like Emmanuel Goldstein, the principal enemy of the state in George Orwell’s 1984, was required. Russia was the obvious new choice, the old favorite from the Cold War playbook.
The Western intelligence agencies have a vested interest in eternal enemies to ensure both eternal funding and eternal power, hence the CIA’s entry into the fight. As former British MP and long-time peace activist George Galloway so eloquently said in a recent interview, an unholy alliance is now being formed between the “war party” in the U.S., the military-industrial-intelligence complex and those who would have previously publicly spurned such accomplices: American progressives and their traditional host, the Democratic Party.
Yet, if the Democratic National Committee had not done its best to rig the primariesin favor of Hillary Clinton, then perhaps we would not be in this position. Bernie Sanders would be the President-elect....
Another positive assessment.

Donald Trump v. the Spooks
Annie Machon | former intelligence officer in the UK’s MI5 Security Service (the U.S. counterpart is the FBI)

The head of MI6 endorses Christopher Steele, the compiler of the Trump dossier, complicating Teresa May's initially promising relationship with Donald Trump.

The Independent
Head of MI6 used information from Trump dossier in first public speech
Kim Sengupta
“NATO is a war-making machine, it’s an American operation. Why is it doing this? I think there is a real strategic extremism in the US.” And the “prize in this operation” is Russia, he concluded, adding that such a prize was almost won in the times of Boris Yeltsin (1991-1999), the first Russian president to serve after the fall of the Soviet Union.
“And what really has been upsetting in the US is that Russia is again independent, and that’s intolerable.”
Pilger called outgoing US leader Barack Obama “one of the most violent presidents.”...
Trump faces American ‘war-making machine’ if he tries to strike deal with Russia
John Pilger

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