Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gordon M. Hahn — Russia’s Quiet Revolution

Short summary of how Russia is changing and integrating with the global economy, disproving the view that Russia is stuck in traditional culture.

Russian and Eurasian Politics
Russia’s Quiet Revolution
Gordon M. Hahn, analyst and Advisory Board member at Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation, member of the Executive Advisory Board at the American Institute of Geostrategy, a contributing expert for Russia Direct, a senior researcher at the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies, Akribis Group, and; and an analyst and consultant for Russia – Other Points of View
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating has risen 1 percent from November, reaching 86.8 percent which is the highest recorded in 2016, reports the state-run Russian Center for Public Opinion Research (VTSIOM).

In the report released on Thursday, the agency noted that the only higher rating Putin has achieved was registered only in December 2014 – back then it reached 89 percent. The share of respondents who said that they trusted the president was at 62.1 percent, a slight rise from 61.3 percent a week ago, trending upwards from the 59.2 percent recorded in early December.
Putin’s approval rating hits 2016 high

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