Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mallory Shelbourne — Intel chief: Recent leaks 'corrosive and damaging'

James Clapper says that he doesn't believe that anonymous leaks to the press and the unconfirmed allegations about Russia have compromising information on Trump came from the intelligence community, apparently doesn't know source.

The Hill
Intel chief: Recent leaks 'corrosive and damaging'
Mallory Shelbourne


GLH said...

To be an "intelligence" chief James Clapper doesn't seem to know very much at all.

Penguin pop said...

The HRC team should have just stuck with the storyline that Chump is too stupid to know what to do with nuclear codes story, and many people including me don't think he's that bright in other aspects. This Russia crap is straight out of a Rocky & Bullwinkle episode and distracts from real issues.

Bob said...

...or a Secret Squirrel episode :)

Noah Way said...

Clapper and HRC play for the same team.