Friday, January 20, 2017

Moon of Alabama — The Not-Hillary President

Moon of Alabama analyzes what to expect from the Trump presidency.

Conclusion: "Over all I do not expect anything exceptional from Trump. His time in the White House will probably turn out to be minor remake of Reagan's."
Moon of Alabama
The Not-Hillary President

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Uncertainty reigns. This is a longish and deepish analysis by a tech writer.
Whether Trump's rhetoric, tweeting, and appointments thus far add up to gloom and doom or a bonanza likely depends on one's own political beliefs. But up until now, all of this was largely rhetoric under Trump the Candidate and Trump the President-elect. Today is Day One of the nation's 45th presidency, and with it comes a mountain of the unknown. Only one thing seems certain: change of some kind is on the way under President Donald J. Trump.
Are Technica
Donald Trump takes oath of office—what to expect from an unexpected presidency
David Kravets | senior editor for Ars Technica and founder of TYDN fake news site

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