Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ramanan — Barack Obama On The Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin

President Obama was actually considering the coin gambit, but apparently he did not understand it well enough to clearly assess it.

The Case for Concerted Action
Barack Obama On The Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin
V. Ramanan


Matt Franko said...

"he did not understand it well enough"

Trained in Law not Systems....

Tom Hickey said...

More probably the people that presented the option to him were against it politically or ideologically and made it seem foolish, which is easy to do based on appearances rather than substance.

The is the problem the president faces in every area, even when he is an expert in the area, since he is depending on what he is told regarding data.

This issue is as old as the palace and court. It was the court that controlled the monarch in this way and there were competing factions in the court.

Many historical novels have been base on this ubiquitous phenomenon, Dumas' The Three Musketeers, for instance.

TofuNFiatRGood4U said...

Obama came to his position with the blessing of the plutocracy--he was never going to act against their interests.