Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ryan: "more choices and lower costs"...

By "more choices" he MAY mean 'larger actuarial pools' and by 'lower costs' he MAY mean the resultant 'lower price of premiums".


Noah Way said...

Affordable health care begins with eliminating insurance.

Quality health care begins with elimination of "networks".

Matt Franko said...

Perhaps not if we all are in the same "network"...

Michael Norman said...

He wants vouchers. That's what he means by "patient centered." He's planning to gut Medicare.

John said...

Ah, Paul Ryan, the quintessential menace to himself. He's so deluded and ideological that it's painful to watch. At least Gingrich knew when he was speaker that when he looked in a mirror a charlatan was looking back. The speakership hasn't made Ryan any less deranged, not least about his vaunted intellectual prowess. He's still guzzling at the Rand kool-aid fountain.

Hopefully Trump won't go native in the Randian-themed Wall Street whorehouse that pretends to be a congress, but I have grave suspicions that whatever maverick spirit Drumpf has in him will be quickly drained by the GOPher bloodsuckers.

The Rombach Report said...

Medicare should use its institutional power to negotiate lower drug prices and to buy cheaper priced drugs from Canada.

Hospitals and other providers of healthcare services should have to post the cost of their services to make prices transparent and consumer shopping for healthcare services easy.

People should get tax credits for all out of pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Insurance companies should be incentivized to offer 5, 10, & 20-year term health insurance policies, like term life insurance, that would lock in health care costs over a long term period.

Reform of ACA should include either insurance coverage or tax credits for out of pocket expenses for alternative medicines like acupuncture and medical marijuana.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers should be given tax credits to donate their services free of charge at local medical clinics or hospitals.

Health Savings Accounts can function like a 401K account, that would be portable from one employer to another. It could also augment retirement income/spending.

Many areas of the country only have 1 insurer to choose from. People should be allowed to shop for and purchase health care insurance across state lines. Competition will help constrain prices.

Get rid of the ACA personal mandate, keep the protection on pre-existing conditions and extend medicare/medicaid to the 20+ million people who would lose coverage if, as and when ACA is repealed. The extra cost can be paid out of general revenues, but a tax could always be levied on high income earners for optics.