Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump first visit day 1: CIA

Straightening things out with the career people at that agency as job one, seems like his election was met with relief by those in attendance.

War with the mainstream press continues only now Trump has not to deal with the old political barriers in the Executive Branch.

Video of Trump's short statements made to CIA staff here.


Noah Way said...

A little ass-kissing?

An olive branch to the rank and file before installing new management?

Or acknowledgement that the Deep State is driving the bus?

Matt Franko said...

"Deep State" : fake news... stuff of Alex Jones...

Tom Hickey said...

"Media" means the anonymous leakers that leaded to the media.

Trump has likely already directed the new intel chiefs to find out who the leakers were and have them drawn and quartered in the dungeon as an example. This needn't be done publicly to set an example for the troops.

Noah Way said...