Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fredrico Pieraccini — The Strategic Triangle that Is Changing the World

Away from the current chaos in the United States, major developments are progressing, with Iran, Russia and China coordinating on a series of significant moves crucial for the future of the Eurasian continent. With a population of more than five billion people, constituting about two-thirds of the Earth's population, the future of humanity passes through this immense area. Signaling a major change from a unipolar world order based on Europe and the United States to a multipolar world steered by China, Russia and Iran, these Eurasian states are carving out a leading role in the development of the vast continent. As part of the challenges faced by these leading multipolar countries, the disruptive events originating in the post-WWII Euro-Atlantic world order will need to be tackled....
Strategic Culture Foundation
The Strategic Triangle that Is Changing the World
Fredrico Pieraccini

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MRW said...

You could see this coming during Obama's first term; at least, I could. And Obama's sanctions against Russia started the end of the US reserve currency hegemony, which will take place by 2030, imo. China has 13 years in which to get it done. An eternity for China, a stumbling decade for us.