Sunday, July 16, 2017

Gregory Clark — False claims and false flag stories

The April 4 incident is just the last in a long list of false flag or false claim incidents used to justify the aggressive use of U.S. power. They began back in 1960 with Operation Mongoose in Cuba, the faked 1964 Tonkin Gulf incident of the coast of Vietnam, claimed WMD in Iraq and now what we see in Syria. We also see the easily refutable campaigns to demonize alleged enemies, Russia especially. For example, over alleged Russian aggression in the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine we need only read the text of the 2015 Minsk Agreement seeking to end the dispute to see that continued hostilities are entirely the responsibility of a Ukraine that still refuses the constitutional amendments to give the area promised autonomy. But you will not see anything about this in the biased U.S. media, which loses no opportunity to carry on about “Russian aggression.”

Equally alarming is the way the biased U.S. media now accuse the foreign media seeking to correct these falsehoods as biased and deserving of suppression, the RT (Russia Today) channel especially....
The Japan Times — Opinion
False claims and false flag stories
Western governments and media are free to say whatever they like, no matter how phoney
Gregory Clark | former Australian diplomat long involved in East-West diplomatic relations who now lives in Japan

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Kaivey said...

Fake News is a laugh, because we all know that the real fake news is the MSM, but I can't say this on the Guardian CiF incase they remove my post. I put a post about the German journalist who said that the MSM has been taken over by the CIA to plant fake news stories in it, but the Guardian removed my post.