Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stephan Richter — The liberal international order: Just who shredded it?

To see where we are — the United States needs to take a look at it's recent past.…
The truth is that it wasn’t Putin — or even Trump now — as much as George W. Bush and his reckless foreign policy cowboys — remember Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, all names that should live in infamy — who did most of the shredding of that liberal international order.
They committed acts of war that were clearly criminal in nature. Their only saving grace was — and is — that they have a U.S. passport.
Otherwise, they would all find themselves in the dock at the ICC in The Hague, where indeed they belong.
Still, Obama did not break with his predecessor’s Bush league approach. Deliberately obscure mandates in Iraq simply changed topic, gone were the torture memos, in where drone strike memos.
Put yourself into the shoes of a Russian or Chinese policymaker for a moment – and ask any one of these four questions:
The liberal international order: Just who shredded it?
Stephan Richter | the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Globalist

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Kaivey said...

Are they really liberal? Yeah, their up for anything goes, but the ruling class have always been like that. These war mongering liberals aren't the liberals I know, like the Greenpeace, CND, Stop The War coalition, Mercy for Animals, etc.

These (neo)liberals are like some sort of horror movie Sci-Fi invention. They're very peculiar. They are really the old ruling class back in power but they are relaxed about gays. They pretend to liberals so they can influence the majority. The everyday liberals have been hoodwinked.