Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bryan McDonald —20,000 Nazis March in Kiev. The Western Media Somehow Fails to Notice.

"So, we had a major Nazi gathering in a European capital and the only English language sources that show up in a Google News search are from RT, Sputnik, The Nation and a half-hearted seven-sentence ‘report’ by US state broadcaster RFE/RL, which meekly describes them as mere 'nationalists.'  That means there is nothing from CNN, the Guardian, the New York Times, Washington Post or the BBC, among the usual suspects who make every little protest in Russia headline news....
The silence is deafening.

Bryan McDonald


Ralph Musgrave said...

Pathetic attempt by a Russian news organisation to play the same trick as everyone plays in the West, namely calling anyone you disagree with a "Nazi".

Kaivey said...

I saw this documentary once where they were interviewing the working class nazis. They were all practising hand to hand combat in gyms and other fighting techniques, and they all wanted a war with Russia. They were fighting men who were notorious for their lethal punch ups at football matches. When the working class women were asked about the neo nazis they said they were sexy.

I couldn't understand why they wanted a war. They could end up being drenched in napalm, be blown to bits, get gassed, be deafened in minutes, or die in agony.

I read an article once about the notorious Mill Wall football club fans who were always fighting. The article had a photograph of a load of them shouting defiantly and the leader at the front was smiling and he had no front teeth because they had a all been kicked out. The journalist said they had been no good at school, no good with the girls, and had not been good at anything much, so if they couldn't be the best then at least they could be the worst. I thought that was right on the button.

Hans Eysenck said the working class was more authoritarian and tough minded than the middle-class.

Everyone needs good self esteem to feel worthwhile, so some of the working / underclass who feel to be the least successful can at least be the toughest, the meanest, the most scary. These are the canon fodder the ruling class need for their wars.

Do you remember as a kid seeing those films about medieval times where an army would be attacking a castle. As kids we didn't realise that the army was mercenary, that the soldiers were paid volunteers. Do you remember how the attacking army would put up ladders against the army walls and then climb up them. Then the defending army would throw cauldrons of hot boiling oil over the sides onto to the soldiers coming up. You would wonder, who would climb those ladders? Well, the toughest, most meanest, most fearless might, especially in the heat of the battle and surrounded by their friends. But it's interesting how when all the fighting was nearly finished, that world be when the knights would go in. The knights, who are the ruling class, would then take the best treasure, the best women, ect, but they would leave a little bit behind for the vagabonds, so they could get paid.

Matt Franko said...

"The leaders of the procession included Oleg Tyahnybok, an associate of US Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy, who has called for Ukraine to do more to halt the "criminal activities" of "organized Jewry.”

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy????????

Marian Ruccius said...

Salsabob said...

The West IS reporting -

"Nationalists Mark 75th Anniversary Of Ukrainian Insurgent Army"

And while this "amplification site" for Putin-propaganda outlets like Russian Insider (see - )

- will happily spread the Putin horse manure, what it will not do is report on real progress in Ukraine -

or the true totalitarian state of today's Mother Russia -

- why is that?