Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Andrew Korybko — The World Will Never Agree To An Expanded INF Treaty, And The US Knows It

The US knows that its public pretense of pulling out of the INF Treaty in order to compel other countries to join an expanded version of it is unbelievable because most other powers with these intermediate-range missile capabilities won’t ever accede to a new agreement, but America’s going forward with this narrative anyhow in order to turn South Korea and Japan into missile bases for countering China’s game-changing DF-26 “carrier-killers”....
China, meanwhile, counts the Dong Feng-26 (DF-26) intermediate-range missile – popularly regarded as a “carrier-killer” – as one of the most impressive collections in its arsenal, and it’s actually this armament more so than any others that triggered the US to pull out of the INF Treaty to “fight fire with fire” because of the fear that the “East Wind” (which is what its name translates to) will impose an Anti-Access/Area-Denial (A2AD) “bubble” against US naval forces in the region.…
Andrew Korybko is not alone among many strategists in holding this view. China is the only actual threat to US global hegemony and military dominance. Russia is not a security threat unless attacked, but if attacked it is capable of destroying the US with own nuclear triad, so it is a "concern" that also must be neutralized and eventually removed in the US view. But it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that if there is war with the US, Europe and the UK will simply cease to exist and that is not in the economic interest of the US ruling class.

This is the chief dynamic. The secondary dynamic is extending the sphere of control of the American Empire, in particular control of the Middle East, where the energy resources are. The US also regards this as a vital interest, both with respect to national security (read global dominance) and economic interests. This, of course, immediately relates to Iran.

Eurasia Future
The World Will Never Agree To An Expanded INF Treaty, And The US Knows It
Andrew Korybko

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