Thursday, October 25, 2018

Derren Brown - How To Hypnotise Simon Pegg

Derren Brown is British mentalist, and if you haven't heard of him, the guy is amazing, but he says he has no special psychic gifts, it's all psychology, and that he can read a person's body language. He's now bringing his superb British show to the US, and you will love it!

Very seldom do you get to know how Darren Brown does his amazing mind tricks on people, but in this video he shows how he hypnotized Simon Pegg, a top British comedy actor whose films I love, into wanting a present he did not want, which Simon says he had written down on a piece of paper a few days earlier, which he has in his pocket. He wasn't allowed to tell anyone what he wanted; he had to keep it secret.

When he gets the present, he is gobsmacked and swears that this is what he had always wanted, and this is what he had written on a piece of paper, but you wonder why he would want such a daft thing?  Well, Darren Brown reveals all and it's quite incredible, which is why I have posted it here.

Off topic, but fun.

Derren convinces Simon Pegg that he wants a BMX bike for his birthday. Then he shows you exactly how he did it (feel free to try this yourself).

If you enjoyed that and fancy some more, try this? Could you become the general knowledge champion of the US in just two weeks, by just glancing at the pages of hundreds of books and encyclopedias and then remembering everything in them? Could you become a savant with a special gift? How Derren Brown pulled this stunt off, I'll never know, but Glenn, who says he has only average intelligence, became a genius, at least for two weeks, which really shocks him, and it will you too.

How To Become A Pub Quiz Master - Derren Brown

Derren teaches an ordinary man from Essex how to consume huge amounts of knowledge in a short period of time, then enters him into a pub quiz on his own.

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