Monday, October 22, 2018

Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie refused to dance on This Week and called Andrew Neil ‘arrogant and smug.

I never liked much of Primal Scream's music (although some tracks I liked), but I always admired Bobby Gillespie's stance on politics.

I remember reading reviews of Primal Scream's new albums and it wouldn't take long before Bobby Gillespie was onto politics. But the reviewers usually made fun of him in their write ups, saying he was nuts. They were really horrible to him. This was because Bobby Gillespie had very strong views, was very passionate, and was clearly angry. I liked him, and he reminded me of myself,   and what he said, I totally agreed with. I also admired how despite the criticism and the taunting, he never gave up being very political when doing interviews.

In the BBC clip below, you see Bobby Gillespie being very relaxed and calm as he discusses politics with Andrew Neal. This surprised me because in all the interviews I had read about him, the journalists had made him out to be unhinged.

He had some good answers to Andrew Neil's questions, and seems to be a real nice guy. I don't know how much money he's made being in a top British indie band, but he has kept his socialist roots. Respect!

Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie became a viral hit this week after he refused to dance on the late night BBC politics show This Week. 

  The Primal Scream frontman looked on stony faced at the end of the show as presenter Andrew Neil, Labour MP Caroline Flint and former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo threw shapes. (Danced).

He had been invited on the show as part of the programme’s feature that sees celebrities put forward viewpoints alongside a panel of political commentators. ‘Arrogant, rude and smug’ Gillespie spoke about his belief that the UK is going “backwards” and is returning to the 1930s, but said he was cut off by Neil before he could fully explain his point, and called the presenter “arrogant, rude and smug”.

 At the end of the show, which makes frequent references to Neil’s apparent taste for Blue Nun wine, the three recreated a dance craze known as “skibidi”, while Gillespie looked on stony faced.

Glasgow-born Gillespie took to Instagram to address the appearance, where he hit out at Neil, and said the “sickening” display was indicative of how the media “enables” the political class in Britain. 

He wrote: “My line of reasoning was that here in the U.K. we are not progressing but regressing back to the social inequalities of the 1930’s due to the failure of 40 years of Free Market Capitalism, and tying that in with the rise of Fascism in Europe & all over the world. 

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I News.  Ross McCarty

Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie refused to dance on This Week

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