Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Caravan Migrants: ‘What Are We Supposed to Do in Honduras If There’s no Work?’

#MAGA successes becoming attractive and bringing workers in droves...


Konrad said...

#MAGA successes becoming attractive and bringing workers in droves.

Honduran refugees are trying to escape their militaristic government, where narco-trafficking has thrived under the U.S.-backed Juan Orlando Hernandez’ neoliberal regime and his military police.

All public services have been privatized. Minimum wage is under $400 dollars a month, but electricity, water and food costs well over $500 a month per household.

The exodus is the direct result of U.S. foreign policies in the region for over 50 years.

Hondurans tried to improve things by electing Manuel Zelaya in late 2006, but Zelaya was deposed in a US-backed coup on 28 June 2009.

Now, because of Washington’s policies (which Trump supports) there are no jobs in Honduras.

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Joe said...

I'm not questioning the migrants motives, they're dirt poor desperate people..

But I do wonder who is paying everything. Even if the people started as a spontaneous gathering, they couldn't have made it more than a few days without some sort of organized logistics support, which doesn't happen spontaneously. Where are these people sleeping at night, where are they getting food and water? This isn't one person scraping up a meal when they get to a village, it's thousands of people... The videos of them getting on trucks and busses, who's paying for that? To walk across just Guatemala would take most people a minimum of a few weeks. It'd take months to walk across Mexico, so obviously some transportation is being provided.

Is it just the Guatemalan/Mexican govts wanting the problem to go elsewhere? Just NGO's (and where do they get their funding)?

If I put my tinfoil hat on for a minute, which I don't like to do, it's quite the coincidence that this happens just 2 weeks before the elections, which can obviously be used by the right wing to whip up the racist portion of its base. Cui Bono?

Konrad said...

@ Joe:

Those are good questions. Trump and Pence claim that many of the Honduran migrants are terrorists from the Middle East, and that the terrorists are marching to the U.S border with plans to invade.

For Trump and Pence, a migrant from any place other than Mexico is from the Middle East. (Evidently Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are in the Middle East.)



Anonymous said...

U.S. Citizens: Why are you asking us? Your problems with your government are NOT our problem!