Friday, October 26, 2018

Michael Calderbank — Costas Lapavitsas: Socialism starts at home

Michael Calderbank speaks to Marxist economist Costas Lapavitsas ahead of the publication of his provocative new book The Left Case Against the EU

Costas Lapavitsas  The book is obviously a critique of the EU as it stands. It’s an assessment of where the union is, what it has become, and its likely direction. It is an attempt to say that the left should have nothing to do with defending this set of institutions. It should assume a critical, rejectionist position. I am asserting that this is the only way you can develop radical politics in Europe, a radical and internationalist economic and social programme....
Red Pepper
Costas Lapavitsas: Socialism starts at home
Michael Calderbank | Red Pepper co-editor and parliamentary researcher for trade unions

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