Monday, October 22, 2018

Links — 22 October 2018

Russia pledges to act to "restore" military balance if U.S. quits nuclear arms pact

Kremlin: We'll respond in kind if U.S. develops intermediate missiles

Let's work on shortcomings in INF arms treaty, Russia tells U.S.

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Konrad said...

“The White Helmets rescue group has been praised in the Western media as heroes, and derided by the Syrian government as 'al-Qaeda's civil defense' network. But is there a middle ground between such polarizing views?”

No. No middle ground.

The “white helmets” are mercenary head choppers posing as a “rescue group.” That’s why they had to evacuate when the Syrian army defeated them, and why Russia wants the last of them out of Syria. They only put on their “white helmets” garb when there were cameras around.

Western governments (Canada, Germany, the UK, etc) have agreed to take in and re-settle the head-choppers.

All other refugees must come by boat, and many drown, but the killers are flown to the West and given housing, and probably a monthly stipend.