Monday, October 22, 2018

MSNBC AM Joy: Greg Palast Says He hasn’t Seen Voter Suppression Like This in 18 Years

“As a journalist covering this, is it more aggressive this year, is it more frantic, the attempts to basically engineer an electorate with as few black and brown Asian-American and Native American people in it as possible?” she said.
“I have never seen anything like it in 18 years. You’re referring back to when Bush won the presidency by 300 votes,” Palast said.
“His (Florida) Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, removed 58,000 black people from the voter rolls saying they were felons, their only crime, every single one was innocent, the only crime was voting while black. I thought that was bad. It’s gone wild.
“Yesterday, I sued Brian Kemp in a federal court. The reason is, I looked at the data, and on threat of a federal suit, he gave me his voter files. They cancelled 550,000 voter registrations in Georgia. That’s Brian Kemp, he’s running for governor. He cancels half a million people off the voter rolls. and the reason is, they left the state, a few died, 19,000. But I had computer experts, the best people in the nation, who check people’s addresses. You know, the guys hunting you down to make your pay your bills or send you catalogs.
“They went through name by name. Kemp didn’t realize i was going to do this. They went through name by name, 340,134 Georgians did not move from their registration addresses. They got removed. They’ve been given no notice, Joy, no notice that they’ve been removed.”
Greg Palast

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