Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Greta Thunberg launches campaign to fight coronavirus

LOL all you lefty climate nutters here I guess are going to have to convert over to virus nutters now instead!

Can't even make it up!

ok you guys lets hear it where you now start to believe this uneducated 16 year old about epidemiology and virology instead of climate.... #letsgo


S400 said...

Ain’t it pretty when a grown up man is bullying a 16 year old girl. That’s the moral standard you adopt to make America great again!

Peter Pan said...

Greta Derangement Syndrome... has a high fatality rate for right wingnuts.

Matt Franko said...

Ask her how many electrons in a Hydrogen atom... wouldnt be able to tell you...

Maybe not even able to look it up...

lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...
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lastgreek said...

"She.... is..... un..... educated....."

Thanks for the heads up, Matt, but she's up against President Pine-Sol. So without the slightest hesitation, I'll take the kid.

Hell, what am I saying? I'd take a 5th grader over the orange buffoon in the WH:

REPORTER: Without a vaccine, why do you think the virus will just be gone?

TRUMP: It's gonna go. It's gonna leave. It's gonna be gone. It's gonna be eradicated."

Truly, the depth of the orange buffoon's buffoonery cannot be plumbed!


Greta Thunberg donating $100K to help children during coronavirus pandemic

Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is donating $100,000 to UNICEF toward efforts to protect children from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the agency announced on Thursday.

Thunberg is donating the $100,000 prize she was awarded for her global activism by Human Act, and the organization is donating a similar amount to UNICEF.

And lest we forget:

Trump Pays $2 Million to 8 Charities for Misuse of Foundation

… because grifters will grift.

Magpie said...

Hey, Mattie Frankie. Have you taken your Trump-recommended bleach enema?

Ryan Harris said...

I wonder what Greta thought of Moores Planet of Humans. Cognitive dissonance beng what it is, they'll attack him, theyll mock him, they'll argue...they'll print a smear in The Guardian and keep pretending Greta is the savior.

Peter Pan said...

Why aren't critics focusing on Greta's parents?