Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Authoritarians by Bob Altemeyer

It's 8 hours long, but Bob Altemeyer's sense of humour makes up for it, although you can download his free eBook instead if you want.

Bob Altemeyer has studied right-wing authoritarians all his academic life and has never got to like them much.

RWA's are very pro the establishment, and believe in strong law and order. Bob Altemeyer has given RWA's tests describing a group of people that are very extreme in their views. He then lists all the RWA traits and asks the RWA's whether the government should put these people in prison. Most don't realise that they are reading about themselves, and say, yes, the government should lock them up.

But, today, much of the establishment have become neoliberal, and are social liberals with extreme right-wing economic views along with a hawkish war stance, so many of the right-wing authoritarians now hate the establishment.


Peter Pan said...

Did you really spend 8 hours listening to this?

Did he make a part 2 covering LWAs (left wing authoritarians)?

Kaivey said...

I read the pdf entirely. A great book. I only listed to the first hour is this, though. I planned to finish it but never did.